Vermont officials use modern technology to nab deer poacher

In a press release, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department reported that a poacher was apprehended in Morrisville, VT late at night on December 14, after illegally killing a mature antlered buck after the close of deer hunting season.   A thermal imaging device was used to locate a 22 year old offender in the woods.  He was arrested at around 11:15 p.m. after he and another male returned to retrieve the buck.

A complainant called 911 at around 10:30 p.m. after hearing a shot outside a residence in Morrisville. A Vermont state game warden was notified and he along with officers from the Morrisville Police Department and the Lamoille County Sheriff’s office responded.

The shooter was charged with taking deer in closed season which carries a potential two-month jail term for the first offense.  He could also lose his right to hunt, fish and trap in Vermont for three years and face $2,500 in fines and restitution.  This is the perpetrator’s second charge relating to Fish & Wildlife crime this fall. On the opening weekend of November rifle season he and another man were apprehended by a Lamoille County Sheriff’s deputy after attempting to locate deer at night with a spotlight.  In that case a loaded deer rifle was also found in the vehicle.

No specifics were given as   to the type of imaging device used by the officers.   Thermal imaging is a kind of infrared   imaging science that can detect radiation in a certain infrared range of the   electromagnetic spectrum and produce radiated images. Thermal imaging has the   ability to see warm objects against cooler background, and that allows one   the ability to see warm-blooded animals and humans when they are out in the environment.



Hopefully, we don’t have any deer poachers here in the Berkshires.  People contemplating such illegal acts should think carefully before doing so in lieu of the modern crime fighting technology being used these days.

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