Its confirmed, 24 pt buck is a new state record

Say, remember that large antlered buck that was shot by Craig Luscier of Dalton and featured in this column on December 2? It was thought that it might be a state record. Well, according to Luscier, the Northeast Big Buck Club’s final gross scored the antlers at 214 5/8″ breaking the Northeast Big Bucks Club overall MA record as well as breaking the existing MA muzzleloader record.

While the gross score was 214 5/8″, the net score was 200 5/8″. The Boone & Crocket scorers only recognize the net score and Boone & Crocket’s MA state record is currently 201″. Luscier’s buck came within 3/8 of an inch of taking the Boone & Crocket Massachusetts state record. Oh well, two records isn’t bad.

Luscier is having it mounted (pedestal mount) by Kevin’s Taxidermy of Middlebury CT. It will be on display at the Big E Sportsmen’s Show in West Springfield which runs from February 21 – 24. *****

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