Massachusetts’ “Green Bonds” are very popular


Treasurer Steven Grossman recently announced that the Commonwealth’s latest sale of

$350 million worth of Green Bonds has generated tremendous interest from both retail and institutional investors, with orders exceeding $1 billion coming in for $350 million worth of bonds. This is the second time that Massachusetts has sold bonds with proceeds that are dedicated to fund environmentally beneficial projects across the state, and it follows in the footsteps of the Commonwealth’s first-of-its-kind Green Bond sale last year.


The Commonwealth has identified four categories of projects that are expected to be

funded from the sale:

 Clean water and drinking water projects;

 Energy efficiency and conservation projects in state buildings;

 Land acquisition, open space protection and environmental remediation projects;

 River revitalization and preservation and habitat restoration projects.


In addition to those four categories, one large project has been identified that will be

funded with proceeds of the Green Bond sale, the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal

project.  This terminal will be the first facility in the nation designed to support the construction, assembly, and deployment of offshore wind projects. As part of construction, the project is expected to include the dredging and removal of approximately 250,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment caused by industrial waste generated during the 1930’s and 1940’s as well as the creation of environmental and habitat restoration areas.


For more information on the Commonwealth’s borrowing programs, click onto


In his October 1 report to the Mass Fish & Wildlife Board, DFW Director Wayne MacCallum commented on the Commonwealth’s activity in the land acquisition area.  He said that a recently passed bond bill will leave the state “well positioned” for the future.  “Since the Patrick Administration came in (2008), the state added 25% to its land base.    Over 40,000 acres have come in during that time.  There has been a tremendous prioritization.” said MacCallum. *****

The Massachusetts DFW has announced the launch of its new Facebook page. By liking the page at, you will receive updates about MassWildlife activities, events, research projects, hunting and fishing regulations, tips on living with wildlife, and more. As a follower of the page, you will be able to communicate with them and ask them all of your wildlife questions. They look forward to building a vibrant and engaged community of outdoor enthusiasts who wish to share their experiences and ideas with others.

MassWildlife’s website,, remains our primary source for news and information about the agency, but the new Facebook page will provide yet another avenue for those who wish to stay connected to wildlife events, activities, and initiatives taking place across the Commonwealth. *****

MassWildlife wants your recipes for wild game or fish to use on a new part of its website currently being developed.   If you have a great recipe to share, send it (along with a photo if possible) to Astrid Huseby at, or mail the recipe and picture to MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Attn: Astrid Huseby, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581. Let her know whether or not you would like your name with the recipe. *****

If you shoot a hybrid duck this season consider donating it to science. Researchers from the University of Washington are studying these hybrid birds and are asking for donations from waterfowl hunters across the country.  Ideally, researchers would like to receive the entire bird for genetic analysis and for the creation of study skins for future use, including the development of an illustrated guide to hybrid ducks.  However, in some cases a good photograph along with a tissue sample are also helpful.  For more on how you can help, and to view the hybrid gallery, visit *****

The DFW Western District Headquarters has hired a new Western District Clerk to replace Elna Castonguay who recently retired.  Her name is Debra Lipa from North Adams.  She hit the ground running having extracted her first bear tooth shortly after starting.  *****


Congratulations to the Stockbridge Sportsmen’s Club (SSC) skeet shooters for winning the annual Tri-Club Skeet Championship for the 8th time in 9 tournaments.  Sheffield SC placed second and the Lee Sportsmen’s Assoc came in 3rd. SSC top shooters who shot at all three clubs were led by Tom Gansowski.  He hit 146 out of 150 clay targets, followed by Joe Ary & Gary Johnston with 143.  Perfect scores of 50 straight broken targets were scarce this year with only 3 being recorded:  Joe Ary and Gary Johnston (SSC), and Lee Donsbough (Sheffield).


Incidentally, I don’t believe I listed the Stockbridge Sportsmens’ Club 2014 officers yet.  They are as follows: President – Wayne Slosek, 1st Vice President – John Mange, 2nd Vice President – Jason St. Peter, Secretary – Keith Whalen and Treasurer – Bonnie Bonn-Buffoni. Belated congratulations and thanks for your dedication and hard work.

Heck, as long as I am at it, the Berkshire County League of Sportsmen also had its elections and the following individuals were re-elected:  President – Mark Jester, Vice President – Mike Kruszyna, Treasurer –  Dan Kruszyna  and Secretary is me. *****


Dave’s Sporting Goods in Pittsfield is having its Coyote Derby again this year.  It will run until the end of coyote hunting season which is March 7, 2015.  Entrance fee is $10 and prizes will be awarded to the person who bags the most coyotes, the largest coyote and there will also be a random draw.  During the shotgun deer season it is legal to hunt coyotes, but be sure to check the special regulations. *****


According to Andrew Madden, DFW Western District Manager, all trout have been stocked out for this fall.  Most of our major lakes were stocked as well as the Deerfield and Westfield Rivers.  Great fishing can be had at this time of year.

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