Antlerless deer hunting permits are announced

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) has recently announced that 42,375 antlerless deer hunting permits will be issued statewide this year, reflecting no change from last year.  Also, the permits for each individual Wildlife Management Zone (WMZ) will also remain the same.  The allocated permits by WMZ and odds for getting a permit are as follows:



Wildlife Management Zone 2015

Allocated Permits






1 400 1305 39%
2 175 1688 14%
3 1100 2344 57%
4N 375 2235 23%
4S 275 1645 26%
5 1250 3507 44%
6 450 917 65%
7 2250 3277 85%
8 2800 4502 77%
9 4100 4984 100%
10 12000 4045 100%
11 11000 7205 100%
12 800 1407 78%
13 2700 135 100%
14 2700 83 100%


*The Odds are calculated as allocated permits divided by total applicants, plus an adjustment to compensate for applicants that do not come back to pay for their permit (based on 2013-2014 data.


Sale of Surplus by WMZ will be staggered over the following days in October, 2015, beginning at 8AM:   Zone 11 permits will go on sale on Tuesday, October 6, Zone 10 permits will go on sale on Wednesday, October 7, Zone 13 and 14 permits will go on sale on Thursday, October 8. Once on sale, permits will remain available until sold out in each WMZ.


Hunters can only purchase permits through MassFishHunt, at authorized license vendor locations or at a DFW office.


Incidentally, I hope you noticed the number of people who deer hunt in Massachusetts.  Nearly 40,000 of them applied for the antlerless permit alone.


MassWildlife recently created a Youth Deer Hunt day in Massachusetts for hunters aged 12 to 17.  This Hunt provides youth with an opportunity to hunt deer with their own deer tags during a special single-day season that precedes the Commonwealth’s annual archery, shotgun, and muzzleloader seasons.  Hunters are reminded that all shotgun deer season regulations apply on the Youth Deer Hunt day.

The day will be held the 4th Saturday following Labor Day.  (October 3 this year). Hunting with shotgun, muzzleloader or bow and arrow is allowed.  Only one firearm/bow is permitted between youth and adult.  All shotgun deer hunting season regulations apply on the Youth Deer Hunt day.

The requirements are as follows: For 12-14 aged youth, no hunting or sporting license is required but a Youth Deer Hunt Permit is required.  The youth must be accompanied by a duly licensed adult.  (One adult per youth hunter).  For 15-17 aged youths, a Massachusetts hunting or sporting license and the Youth Deer Hunt Permit are required.

Youth Deer hunt permits are free, but must be obtained at a license vendor or MassWildlife office. These permits and tags are only valid for the Youth Deer Hunt day and cannot be used in later seasons.  Click onto the MassWildlife website for more information. *****

The Lenox Sportsmen’s Club (LSC) reminds us that the Massachusetts gun laws have changed considerably over the last several years.  Do you know the laws or think you know them?  Well, on Tuesday August 18, the LSC and the Gun Owners Action League are presenting a gun law seminar beginning at 5:30 PM which will cover some of these new laws.  It will be taught by Jon Green, GOAL Director of Education.  A $5 donation is requested and you are asked to pre-register.  For more information, contact Lorenzo Maranggoni at (413) 822-7412. *****


On August 21 and 24 MassWildlife Habitat Biologist Marianne Piché, along with Natural Resources Conservation Services and Department of Conservation and Recreation Service Forestry staff, will lead two New England Cottontail Habitat Management Walks at project sites in Sandisfield and Granville. They will discuss New England Cottontail conservation, habitat management planning, funding, and permitting.  One walk will be hosted by Chad Pease and the other by Charlie Sheets; two landowners who have completed habitat management on their properties.

You are invited to see these conservation efforts and learn what you can do to become involved.  The walks will take place from 5:30 – 7:00 P.M. at 228 Sandisfield Rd. in Sandisfield on August 21 and on Main Rd. (0.1 miles east of Sheets Rd.) in Granville on August 24.  Be prepared for a short walk on level but uneven and muddy terrain. Contact Marianne at 508-389-6313 or via email, for more details. *****

Tim Purinton, Director of the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration (DER), will be guest speaker at the 13th Annual Berkshire Hatchery Foundation’s Lobster Fest on Sunday, August 23.  It will be held on the hatchery grounds from 2 to 5 PM.  The Lobster Fest tickets, which cost $65 per person, can be obtained by contacting the Hatchery at (413) 528-9761.  Don’t delay as it is expected to be a sell-out.


Purinton and his staff at the DER work with community-based partners to restore aquatic ecosystems.  Their work brings clean water, recreation opportunities, healthy commercial fisheries and other ecosystem services to the citizens of Massachusetts.  The title of his talk will be Dams, Cranberry Bogs and Culverts, An overview of River Restoration Efforts in Massachusetts.

The excellent work of both the DER and the Berkshire National Fish Hatchery deserve more coverage in this column, hopefully next week.

Incidentally, The Berkshire Hatchery Foundation is holding another free kid’s trout fishing derby at their lower pond in Hartsville on August 22 from 9 to 10:30 AM.

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